Cine film to digital

Cine Film Digitising and Transfer:

We transfer Standard and Super 8mm cine film to digital format as mp4 on usb sticks or mpeg on usb or DVD.

MP4 is our most used format this is because of its compatibility with smart tvs, computers and for sharing over the internet.

We use modern equipment scanning the cine film directly, frame by frame, and therefore we can obtain optimal imaging. Our service includes editing the film to remove blank or damaged footage also we will add titles as you require.

We do have a ‘Saturn Films 1969’ lead in and lead out which we will exclude if you prefer. It is better to clean the film before scanning therefore giving cleaner results but we will only do this with your express permission, it does help to reduce the dust.

An example of an uploaded converted super 8mm cine film is included below because pictures are worth a thousand words! The film features me with an old friend doing some gardening work back in the 70’s. The film is time lapse and made in both colour and black and white. For me it is a great memory.

Our current charges can be found on the price list page.

Send your cine film or digitising project by recorded delivery to:

Saturn Films 1969
8 Heol-y-Felin,
Glynneath. SA11 5TB
tel.  074 1111 9419
We will e-mail you on receipt of your project.

Your final product is supplied on a usb stick, or dvd, to view on your tv, computer, to share with friends and family. If you have music that you would like added please send a CD with your order (or we can order a cd on your behalf).

Once we have returned the digital files to you we will await your feedback before finally returning the originals.