Scanning services

Scanning services Slides, Negatives and Photos scanning and digital transfer:

Our scanning and digitising services include:

Slide scanning,                                                         

slide scanning editinfg and restoration by saturn films 1969

Negative scanning,                                                   

negative scanning and restoration by saturn films 1969

photograph scanning and digital restoration.           

photo restoration by saturn films 1969

Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine film digitising  

Cine film editing by Saturn Films 1969

VHS, Betamax, Hi-8 and digital 8 video                    

VHS hi-8 digital 8 video Tape editing by saturn films 1969

Price List

Saturn Films 1969 price list

All of our digitial conversion work is saved in a digital format that you can view on your television or computer, and which you can share with friends and family.
Send your project by recorded delivery to:
Saturn-Films (1969) 8 Heol-y-Felin, Cwmgwrach, Glynneath. SA11 5TB
tel.  074 1111 9419
scanning services sailing boat image

We scan your slides and negatives as high resolution 4000 dpi jpeg images. We apply dust and scratch reduction plus colour restoration as a standard to all of our digital scans. These pictures will display well on your televisions and computers and they will print at up to A3 size. We do offer a printing service for our scanning services customers and if this is something you need we will be happy to provide a quotation once you have reviewed your images. Low resolution copies of your images will be included with your scans free of charge for you to share over the internet if you require this service. We scan photographs at up to 1200dpi and again we apply dust reduction and colour restoration.


 scanning services off roading photograph Copyright Boogie Cowell 

Cine and Video digitising:

In addition to our photo scanning services our Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine film digitising service delivers 1080p resolution and can be delivered to you on DVD, usb stick or over the internet on a secure ‘YouTube’ page. We apply a straightforward pricing structure for our cine work and you are always welcome to call us to discuss your project.

With VHS, Betamax, Hi-8 and digital 8 video we offer capture, editing and transfer to DVD, blu-ray and MP4 conversions for viewing on your TVs and computers.

Saturn Films Aircaft scan
Special time limited offer:

Place an order with us and we will scan up to 100ft of copyright free Railway, hovercraft or air show related cine film free of charge. We will do this with any order for cine or photographic digital transfer. The proviso is that selected footage can be published by Saturn Films 1969 for general viewing. There will be a ‘Planes and Trains’ page on this site. This offer will be reviewed after one month i.e. 4th June 2018.

scanning services Bristol Brittania image
Other services:

Apart from our scanning services we offer a website building service based on WordPress. This is a stable platform with many plugins that is utilised to expand and publicise your business. Our pricing starts at £120 for a basic set up and two custom pages. We also offer training in using WordPress.

At Saturn Films 1969 we offer training days in photo digitising. You will use our range of equipment and software but targeted for you. You can also have a course delivered for your equipment by arrangement. We also offer Wedding photography but specialise in smaller weddings with under thirty people and we do portrait photography too.

Our website:

Our site has been rebuilt recently and although many of the old blog pages have been consigned to history most are still available on our Facebook page.


Saturn Films 1969 slide scanning negative scanning and cine photo and video digital restoration

Saturn-Films (1969) 8 Heol-y-Felin, Cwmgwrach, Glynneath. SA11 5TB
tel.  074 1111 9419
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