Weddings and portraits

Wedding Photography is a apecialist area. I have avoided doing large weddings because of the concentration that is required, battling with everyone to organise the family groups and fighting the other photographers who know better than the professional and insist on standing where you need to be (you know who you are!!!).



We do continue to handle small wedding events and these are, at least for me enjoyable occassions. The weather does not need to be  problem. Earlier this year we were asked to photograph a wedding near Merthy Tydfil. The weather was dreadful with incessant rain but the photographs, mostly taken indoors, and the accompanying video worked really well.


This has been a busy year on the photography front and not just with weddings. I have been  following Glynneath Rugby Club whenever possible and have a good portfolio for the 2017-18 season coming together. We will also be posting videos of games on you tube.  The Faroes pictures are coming together as another portfolio and one I hope to add to with future treks up north.


Our cine conversion service is also being well used. Normally we provide customers with quicktime files or dvds. In the past week we have been asked to produce files for a customer to edit using Pinnacle Studio. It took some time to find suitable software to convert between our standard format and a format that Pinnacle could handle. Although it caused a headache we now have excellent conversion software which I hope we will use again in the future.