A good time to scan those photos ?

Well the Corona virus has certainly had an impact for everyone. The streets are quieter and in the main everyone is taking the threat seriously. My wifes’ high street knitting shop, Neath Valley Wools, has closed as has her on-line shop Smallscrafts. At Saturn Films 1969 we are continuing to… Read more“A good time to scan those photos ?”

Scanning resolution and Jpegs

The one thing that customers phone up and want to talk about is resolution and what does it mean. It may seem a bit teckhy but it is really fairly simple.You want a good resolution so 4000 dpi for slides and at least 800 dpi for family photos, saved to… Read more“Scanning resolution and Jpegs”

A challenging photo restoration

Saturn Films (1969) First published by saturn films 1969 · April 5, 2017 · A Challenging Photo Restoration.,Last month I was contacted by a friend who wanted to know if I could restore an old photograph. It was special as it was one of a very few of her parent… Read more“A challenging photo restoration”