Slide scanning service review

Slide scanning service review

We believe we are among the best photographic digital scanning service providers in the UK.  We scan images for many people, companies and charities. The feedback we get is always very good and very positive. We are very proud of the fact that most of our work is from returning customers. The feedback here is a slide scanning service review selection from recent years and is reproduced by express permission. The feedback encompasses our slide, negative, photograph, VHS, sVHS, digital 8, Hi-8 and cine to digital service. We do not pressure our customers to provide feedback on the likes of Trustpilot, Yell and so on. It is purely down to you to provide a slide scanning service review either to us or another platform if you prefer. We are grateful for publishable feedback and the slide scanning service review published below is with thanks to the authors.

A quick overview of our scanning services:

scanning services sailing boat image

We scan your slides and negatives as high resolution 4000 dpi jpeg images. We apply dust and scratch reduction plus colour restoration as a standard to all of our digital scans. These pictures will display well on your televisions and computers and they will print at up to A3 size. We do offer a printing service for our scanning services customers and if this is something you need we will be happy to provide a quotation once you have reviewed your images. Low resolution copies of your images will be included with your scans free of charge for you to share over the internet if you require this service. We scan photographs at up to 1200dpi and again we apply dust reduction and colour restoration.

We have introduced a new service where we will scan your slides and provide them to you ‘straight off the scanner’. This gives you the opportunity to get far more slides scanned for your money and to edit your slides as you wish. Minimum order £100.00.


 scanning services off roading photograph Copyright Boogie Cowell 

Cine and Video digitising:

In addition to our photo scanning services our Standard 8mm and Super 8mm cine film digitising service delivers 1080p resolution and can be delivered to you on DVD, usb stick or over the internet on a secure ‘YouTube’ page. We apply a straightforward pricing structure for our cine work and you are always welcome to call us to discuss your project.

With VHS, Betamax, Hi-8 and digital 8 video we offer capture, editing and transfer to DVD, blu-ray and MP4 conversions for viewing on your TVs and computers.

Saturn Films Aircaft scan
Special time limited offer:

Place an order with us and we will scan up to 100ft of copyright free Railway, hovercraft or air show related cine film free of charge. We will do this with any order for cine or photographic digital transfer. The proviso is that selected footage can be published by Saturn Films 1969 for general viewing. There will be a ‘Planes and Trains’ page on this site. This offer will be reviewed after one month i.e. 4th June 2018.

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Other services:

Apart from our scanning services we offer a website building service based on WordPress. This is a stable platform with many plugins that is utilised to expand and publicise your business. Our pricing starts at £120 for a basic set up and two custom pages. We also offer training in using WordPress.

At Saturn Films 1969 we offer training days in photo digitising. You will use our range of equipment and software but targeted for you. You can also have a course delivered for your equipment by arrangement. We also offer Wedding photography but specialise in smaller weddings with under thirty people and we do portrait photography too.

Our website:

Our site has been rebuilt recently and although many of the old blog pages have been consigned to history most are still available on our Facebook page.


Slide scanning service review feedback:


EB – Northampton Feb 2018

Hi David,

We have at last looked through the cine film conversions you did for us, they all seem to be there, and we are very pleased with the results. I will get back to you some time when we get some transparencies sorted out for digitising.

Regards Eric.

SM – Birmingham Nov 2017

Dear David

I am absolutely delighted with the digital conversions of my treasured negative collection. As promised you have carefully processed every negative, (there were about 10,500) and the results are excellent. Even a few damaged ones were rectified to a very good level of quality image which is now reproducible. Your care and attention is clearly evident.

As promised you have sent an unchanged version and an improved version side by side for comparison which enables me choices when re processing them myself such as enlargements and editing etc. The transfer of all the images and delivery to me onto a hard drive in order of process was also an excellent idea. I have since copied them again onto another hard drive for safe keeping.

Having called a number of companies offering this type of service to discuss the service I was looking for, I was taken by your understanding of the sensitivity from the person calling. In my case it is a much treasured historic catalogue over 40 years of my family and my hobby which as you know is railways over the same period. It was this together with the what in my opinion was a great price decided it for me.

I would thoroughly recommend your service to others and already have done, should any of your potential customers wish to have an unbiased reference from me then please give them my contact details. Thank you again.

Yours Truly


(contact details on your files)

SM has subsequently produced an outstanding collection of albums featuring the ‘Deltics’ ‘Warriors’ etc. Thanks for sharing those with me as I said I do not really take the pictures in when I am scanning, I am looking at the quality of the image – colour, contrast, sharpness and so on. It was very special for you to bring those back in the published form. David.


PC – North Wales April 2017

Hi David
Scans and slides arrived safely last week.
Had a chance to look at them yesterday and we are very pleased with the results.
I will be recommending your excellent service to my friends and only wished I had kept more of the ones I discarded a few years ago.
Thank you once again.


SM – Chesterfield 2017.

David Sack of Saturn Films 1969 has done an absolutely superb job, turning my vast collection of transparencies, negatives and video tapes into digital files. So many memories, until recently confined to the attic and effectively lost, have been retrieved and made accessible and shareable on all the devices we use today.

The quality of the work is first rate. Scans of slides and negatives are all made at very high resolution and were then electronically cleaned to virtually eliminate accumulated dust and fingermarks. Having opted for the professional service, I received the original full resolution scans as well as the standard, compressed edited ones. Editing included cropping to remove any trace of the slide frame or rough edges and, in some cases, manual correction for exposure and colour casts where necessary. Being of much smaller file size, these were the ones that I have used most but having the original uncompressed scan has been great when working on selective enlargements where every bit of resolution is required.

David offers a very personal service and we were involved in regular discussions throughout the course of the job. He was very keen to provide what I wanted as a customer, despite the fact that I was often quite demanding!

One of the great joys of having had this work done is discovering that the quality of pictures taken decades ago is often far higher than I dared hope; vastly superior to the fuzzy, faded prints that were my last memory of the photos. Remember those square enprints from Boots – rounded corners, matt finish and when every sunny day looked orange? Commercial printing of the 70s, 80s and 90s failed to show all the detail that had been captured in the negative and colour fidelity left a lot to be desired. By contrast, scans of the negatives shows that the photographic film of the time was far superior to contemporary printing and it almost feels like you’re seeing images for the very first time. The picture attached to this review was taken in 1964 – the quality is amazing.

I would highly recommend digitisation of anyone’s valuable picture collection and, in particular, the service provided by Saturn Films. It doesn’t cost a great deal; in fact far less per picture than I paid to have poor quality prints made over 40 years ago.


Slide scanning service review archived feedback:

they’re great thanks

PZ Cambridge February 2014


Hi David

Thanks very much for the scans. I am enjoying sending round to different family members.

David S February 2014


” Initially I chose Saturn Films on price, but the service was great and quality good too. It was wonderful to see all our old negatives digitised, like old friends we had forgotten. Saturn even spent time resuscitating some really poor quality old ones and gave us the pleasure of seeing our old family members again.”

Steve D, Bristol.  January 2014


Hi David

I received my package today in the mail.  The results are much better than I could have hoped for, the quality of the scans being superb.  The photos bring back many personal memories and I am delighted that I now have pristine digital copies that I can share with friends and family and keep safe for years to come.

Many thanks for your prompt and personal service.  I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others who wish to have their old slides scanned.

With best regards   Andy  May 2013



Many thanks for the disk of scanned negs which arrived today. They look great – a league ahead of my own scanning efforts.

Will certainly pass on your website to friends.

Londonderry July 12


Just to let you know that I have received the negatives and disks back safely, thanks. I need to work my way through them, but you have done an excellent job with some old negatives in less than perfect condition.

Kind regards  July 12


I’m really pleased with the quality of your scans. Unfortunately I don’t know many photographers, but I will be happy to recommend your services as and when the occasion arises.

Kind regards  DM London


Hi David
Thank you for the DVD really pleased with the results much better than I thought due to them dating back to 1970
will use you again
many thanks


‘Thank-you  David for transferring our family slides to dvd we are very appreciative of your hard work. For my mother (and me)  it brought back many happy memories and was a much loved Christmas present.’

Cornish Dragon @


‘Just to say that the disks have been a great success with my family. I sat with my dad last night for several hours looking at the pictures and they really cheered him up. The editing that you did meant that we could just sit and watch, without having to rotate anything or make any adjustments. Thank you for doing a really great job. Best wishes for the New Year 2010, Simon Mc’


‘I am still working through photos – what memories are being revived’

KC Scotland.


‘I am very happy with the results’  KN Midlands


‘The photos are great – thank you very much’  JD   Merthyr Tydfil


‘Hi David, I’ve had a good look through most of the slides by now and the standard is excellent. It’s great to finally have them all available digitally and I’m looking forward to being able to show some of them to the family. Thanks again, and I’ll be happy to provide a reference for anyone who wants one. Hugh’

(if you would like to follow this reference up contact us and we will provide you with Hugh’s e-mail – genuine enquiries only please!).


‘Hi David

‘Parcel has just arrived and I only had a quick look on the DVD player and it looks fabulous!!!!!

We have already passed your name to a couple of friends as recommendation.

Thanks so much for everything!!’

MW Southampton July 2010

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