Photography and digitising

Saturn Films (1969) Why do I love photography, and digitising images in particular ? Firstly I enjoy preserving memories for my customers – and for my family, that special moment in time that has been captured and preserved. Secondly there is the challenge of restoring a faded photograph, or one… Read more“Photography and digitising”

HEIF – what on earth is that ?

Some of you may have heard that there is a new photo format on the block. There is! The new format was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). The HEIF – Heigh Efficiency Image File. This format has a some advantages over the file format we know and… Read more“HEIF – what on earth is that ?”

Our neck of the woods

It was our summer holidays and time to explore our backyard. Not literally, we were going further afield – Raglan and Llansteffan castles were on our ‘TO DO’ list, having visited Carrge Cenen castle some weeks before. I love Wales, I always have. One of my earliest memories is of… Read more“Our neck of the woods”

Scanning glass plates

I continue to be surprised at the variety of photographic materials that come my way, ok most customers send packets of 35mm slides or rolls of negatives BUT I get a fair number of glass plates too! Glass plate photographs have become something of an niche interest for me. It… Read more“Scanning glass plates”