Our neck of the woods

It was our summer holidays and time to explore our backyard. Not literally, we were going further afield – Raglan and Llansteffan castles were on our ‘TO DO’ list, having visited Carrge Cenen castle some weeks before. I love Wales, I always have. One of my earliest memories is of… Read more“Our neck of the woods”

Scanning glass plates

I continue to be surprised at the variety of photographic materials that come my way, ok most customers send packets of 35mm slides or rolls of negatives BUT I get a fair number of glass plates too! Glass plate photographs have become something of an niche interest for me. It… Read more“Scanning glass plates”

A Photographer on the loose – Taking pictures in the Neath Valley.

At Saturn Films 1969 we recently completed part one of the scanning and restoration of photographs from the Glynneath, Cwmgwrach, Pontneathvaughan and Ystradfellte areas. The photos span over a hundred years and capture significant moments and views of our local area. My brilliant idea was to visit the same positions… Read more“A Photographer on the loose – Taking pictures in the Neath Valley.”