A techie slide scanning post

This post is about why it is important to review each and every slide or negative scan and why I re-scan those images that look out of focus on alternative scanners. There I was happily editing some old photo images and came across a few that were out of focus…. Read more“A techie slide scanning post”

A new service for those who want to edit their own images

Unedited image scans Want to have your scans at 15p each? Several customers have asked whether I can provide unedited images at a cheaper price. Having considered the requests I have decided to introduce a new service. We will scan your negatives and slides as tif files (jpeg on request)… Read more“A new service for those who want to edit their own images”

Bits and pixels

Do you ever wonder about bit depth and the pixel count? May be there are other things to worry about which are more important¬† – however this is what I am thinking about right now! (The SpaceX flight has been put back till tomorrow and I am still sitting downstairs… Read more“Bits and pixels”